HYSTER Big Truck H16-18XD



Status: New

Year: 2023

Location: Anvers

Quantity in stock: 2


Starting the Trolley — Key Contact with Start Button — Without Seat Belt Lock
Cummins QSB 6.7L Tier 3/Stage III diesel engine: rated power 156 hp (116 kW) at 2300 rpm – full power 156 hp (116 kW) at 2300 rpm
Disc brakes in oil bath
3-speed transmission ZF WG161 with 3 forward and 3 backward speeds
Fuel tank cap – lockable
Air intake for arduous applications with Sy-Klone pre-filter – Tier 4/Stage IV
Vertical exhaust
Pre-codjustment of the travel speed limiter under condition at 16 km/h – Adjustable – According to the weight of the load
Duplex mast without free lift – Maximum lifting height 5406 mm – Height without any mast lowered 4391 mm
Mast tilt – 6° forward / 10° aft
2540 mm double function side shift apron with independent fork positioner for integrated forks
Integrated forks with hook under standard fork – 2440 mm long 100 mm thick 200 mm wide
Controlled descent pressure
Hydraulic distributor with 5 functions (3 auxiliary)
Hydraulic control by 3 levers and 2 toggle switches – not suitable for clamping accessories
Group of hoses 3 auxiliary functions – 3 hoses and 1 wire rope mounted externally – includes a selector valve
Diagonal Tires for Drive Wheels/ 12.00-20 20PR
Diagonal Frame Inflatable Tires for Steering Wheels/ 12.00-20 20PR
2 wide angle exterior mirrors mounted on the cabin handrail
Extra armrest on left side
7″ Digital Display
Electronic horn 105 dB(A)
Closed operator cab with automatic climate control
Indoor lighting with variable intensity
Single I-blade windshield wiper on the front windshield
Manual tilt operator compartment for easy access for maintenance
Sun visor – upper and rear
Shielded glass top window
Direction control on the mini levers
Parking brake – manual
Steering wheel with steering wheel ball
High and adjustable seat back
Vinyl Mechanical Total Suspension Seat
Seat belt – 2 points high visibility
Hyster Tracker Wireless Monitoring – EMEA
2 halogen working lights mounted on the front of the mast/ 2 halogen lights mounted on the rear of the cabin/ 2 halogen driving lights on the front wings/ 2 groups of LED lights at the rear with stop, rear and reversing/ flashing lights on the wings
Orange glow fire – activated by key and switch contact
Audible alarm – activated on reverse – adjustable from 82 to 102 dB(A)
Documentation in French
Fees and surcharges
Mat deposited for transport