H3.0UT – Diesel

HYSTER Forklift 3.0UT



Status: New
Year: 2023
Location: Mélamare
Quantity in stock: 3


Engine Yanmar 3.3 L diesel (Non CE)
Powershift transmission 1 speed
Drum brakes
Key contact start
Air intake for difficult applications with pre-filter
Horizontal exhaust
Net weight of counterweight
4500 mm total free lift (height of mast lowered 2125 mm)
Mast tilt – 6° forward / 6° aft
With tilt cylinder covers
FEM type apron with integrated lateral displacement of 1100 mm Class III
1080 mm high load support backsplash
Forks type FEMs, under standard fork 45 x 122 x 1220 mm
Hydraulic controls by manual lever
Hydraulic distributor with 3 functions (1 auxiliary)
Hose group 1 auxiliary function – 2 outdoor mounted hoses
28 x 9-15-12 Soft Solid Tires for Drive Wheels (Standard Tread)
6.50 x 10-10 Steering Wheel Soft Solid Tires
2145 mm Raised Driver Guard
Side mirrors on both sides
Reverse handle with horn button
Direction control lever – mounted on the left of the steering column
Steering wheel with steering wheel ball
Vinyl non suspended seat
Standard seat belt
Orange glow fire – activated by key and switch contact
Audible reversing alarm
2 LED front work lights with stop, rear, turn signals and reversing lights
Documentation in French
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