H3.0UT – GAS

Forklift HYSTER H3.0UT - Gas



Status: New

Year: 2023

Location: Mélamare

Quantity in stock: 2
Available: November 2023

produit H2-5A


Drum brakes
PSI 2.4 L (LPG) engine
Powershift transmission 1 speed
Net weight of counterweight
Horizontal exhaust
Fixed LPG tank holder with two fabric straps
Air intake for difficult applications with pre-filter
Key contact start
An additional LPG tank
4800 mm total free lift (mast height lowered 2250 mm)
Mast tilt – 6° forward / 6° aft
With tilt cylinder covers
1080 mm high load support backsplash
FEM type apron with integrated lateral displacement of 1100 mm Class III
Forks type FEMs, under standard fork 45 x 122 x 1220 mm
Hydraulic distributor with 4 functions (2 auxiliary)
Hydraulic controls by manual lever
Hydraulic flexible group 4 functions (2 auxiliaries)
28 x 9-15-12 Soft Solid Tires for Drive Wheels (Standard Tread)
6.50 x 10-10 Steering Wheel Soft Solid Tires
2205 mm raised driver guard
Side mirrors on both sides
Reverse handle with horn button
Direction control lever – mounted on the left of the steering column
Steering wheel with steering wheel ball
Vinyl non suspended seat
Standard seat belt
Orange glow fire – activated by key and switch contact
Audible reversing alarm
Parking brake alarm
Kit of two front working lights, one LED rear working light with stop lights, rear lights, reversing lights and turn signals
Documentation in French
Fees and surcharges