Reachstacker HYSTER RS45-31CH



Status: New
Year: 2023
Location: Anvers
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Cummins QSL 9L Tier 3/ Stage III diesel engine: rated power 304 hp (227 kW) at 2000 rpm – full power 331 hp (247 kW) at 1500 rpm
Disc brakes in oil bath
4-speed transmission SOH TE-27 with 4 speeds forward and 4 speeds backward
Reduced travel steering axle for longer tyre life
Fuel tank cap – lockable
Air intake for difficult applications with pre-filter
Key contact start
Pre-codjustment of the travel speed limiter under condition at 20 km/h with locking tab closed – adjustable
Lockable battery disconnect switch
Pre-setting fixed travel speed limiter at 20 km/h
Duplex telescopic boom
Hyster® 817 20-40ft Telescopic Spreader
Standard hydraulic performance (230 cm3 double pump)
High speed lifting when the load is less than 10,000 kg
Hydraulic controls by joystick
Pneumatic tyres with diagonal frame for drive wheels – Continental Containermaster E3/ 18.00-25 40PR
Pneumatic tires with diagonal frame for steering wheels – Continental Containermaster E3/ 18.00-25 40PR
Wheel nut protection ring on steering axle
Enclosed cabin with air conditioning
Single I-blade windshield wiper on the front windshield
Partially sliding electric cab up to 1.2 m from rear position
Sun visor – upper and rear
Trainer’s seat
Parking brake – manual
Air Ride Deluxe Full Suspension Vinyl Seat with High Back
Seat belt – 2 points high visibility
2 exterior mirrors attached to the rear of the front wings
Hyster Tracker Wireless Monitoring with Cellular Connectivity – GSM
2 halogen working lights mounted on the spreader
4 halogen working lights mounted on the front of the boom/ 2 halogen lights mounted on the rear of the boom/ 4 halogen driving lights on the front wings/ 2 groups of lights