Manutention Services

A long history in Africa

Since 2020, Manutention Services supports your projects by offering lifting and handling solutions, responding to all new and used equipment, rental, parts and service requests.


90 years of expertise

Manutention Services is the result of a collaboration between the family business JA Delmas and Hyster.  The objective of this new subsidiary is to develop the quality of its offer and services.



After learning the ropes in Saint Louis, Senegal, as early as 1828, Philippe Lafargue rapidly joins forces with Joseph Larrieu as business associates.

Following the death of Mr Larrieu, and having no descendants, Mr Lafargue brings in his nephew, Jean-Anselme Delmas (JA Delmas). Becoming partners, they develop their commercial activity and open the first branches (or trading posts) in St. Louis, Rufisque, and throughout the Senegal river valley, selling essential commodities like fabric and small hardware items, and purchasing local peanuts and gum arabic.


In 1890, Jean-Anselme’s son, Philippe, naturally succeeds his father and establishes his company’s offices in Dakar in 1903.

Under his leadership, the business thrives throughout the country and its activities become more diversified: its traditional trading business is complemented by transportation and ship-loading activities. This gave rise to the name Manutention Africaine.


New impetus on the development of technical activities (shipbuilding, Renault representation, etc.) and signing of the Caterpillar representation contract.


Stagnation of the main activity and development of substitution activities in the region of Bordeaux in France. (insecticides, seed oil, waxes and waxes).


Acceleration of development in Africa, the Caterpillar and Renault activities are experiencing strong development especially in Ivory Coast, Niger and Guinea.


All our activities become focused on our core expertise: supplying and providing support for premium quality equipment. Growth accelerates in the 2000s in the natural resource sector and in the development of the mining industry.


With more than 2,000 people, our organization is present in 11 West African countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Togo. Thanks to the Caterpillar range that we have been successfully distributing for over 80 years, we operate in a variety of fields :

  • construction (public works, earthworks, agriculture or forestry),
  • mining
  • energy (generators, power plants, marine and industrial engines, solar energy)
  • the field of industrial equipment (compressors, forklifts and handling equipment


Strategic diversification with the creation of new structures dedicated to Energy and Handling :


Opening of our Manutention Services subsidiaries in Ivory Coast, Senegal and Mali.



Acquisition of ATR C.I., Forklift Rental leader to strengthen our expertise and offering


To offer its clients ever more innovative solutions, developed specifically to meet their needs.

Your Hyster dealer on West Africa

The collaboration with Hyster started in 2003 when JA Delmas decided to offer it to its customer as a wide range of products, starting from warehousing to container handling.

This alliance is now called Manutention Services, which is a sister company of JA Delmas, specialized in handling on the African continent.

Hyster is a leading designer and manufacturer of forklifts with more than 90 years of experience and the strength of its parent company, Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc.

The brand’s success is based on attention to customer needs and solid forklifts that move goods efficiently and elevate the potential of its partners. Available in lift capacities from 1 to 48 tons, Hyster trucks have won numerous awards. They combine industrial quality features with state-of-the-art manufacturing, providing versatile and reliable solutions.