S1.0-1.5C Counterbalanced Stacker

Counterbalanced Stacker 

A tough and reliable pedestrian stacker ideal for small and intense warehouse operations.

  • CAN bus technology
  • Operator-friendly tiller head
  • Dependable and reliable
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy maintenance
Model and capacity
S1.5C (robot) 6 – 1500 kg
S1.2C (robot) – 1200 kg
S1.5C (pedestrian) – 1500 kg
S1.0C (robot) – 1000 kg
S1.2C (pedestrian) – 1200 kg
S1.0C (pedestrian) – 1000 kg
Industry solution

Perfectly suited to warehouse operations with confined spaces. Excellent for stacking closed or open pallets in low to mid-high racking.

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CANbus technology

CAN bus electronics reduce wiring complexity and delivers increased functionality, reliability and servicing. The truck’s built-in diagnostic system for maintenance communication also reduces downtime.

Operator-friendly tiller head

The operator friendly tiller head is designed for improved load handling. The low effort controls are ergonomically placed to reduce operator fatigue and optimise load handling with either hand. The EPS system provides optimum directional control at any speed. The vertically mounted lifting motor with dampers reduces noise and vibration.


Dependable and reliable

Tough counterbalance truck performance with comprehensive mast configurations make the S1.0-1.5C so dependable and reliable. With specific options to ensure the truck meets exact application requirements for example load back rest, FEM forks and carriages makes it a real winner. Integrated sideshift allows optimum fork positioning to all applications.

Low cost of ownership

The powerful AC traction motor provides superior performance and increased load moves per hour which reduces operating costs. The display provides the operator with real-time information about truck conditions, enabling faster decision-making.

Easy maintenance

The display provides the operator with real-time information about truck conditions, enabling faster decision-making and diagnostic indicators provide early warning of maintenance requirements. The built-in diagnostic system allows preventative maintenance communications, increasing uptime whilst the hour meter and battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt is fitted as standard.