S2.0-3.5 FT Forklift Truck

Internal combustion forklift cushion tyre 

The S2.0-3.5 FT Fortens® series is suited for applications such as loading and unloading trailers, transporting loads and cross-docking.

  • Decreased downtime
  • Low cost of operation
  • Built for comfort
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Performance options
Model and capacity
S3.0FT – 3000 kg
S3.5FT – 3500 kg
S2.0FT – 2000 kg
S2.5FT – 2500 kg
Industry solution

Provides a low cost of operation and relentless power in the most challenging indoor and outdoor applications.

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Decreased downtime

Industrial lift truck downtime results from problems with the powertrain, electrical system, cooling system or hydraulic system. Advanced design of the Hyster® S2.0-3.5 FT truck series can help reduce that downtime.

  • Pacesetter VSM industrial onboard computer monitors and protects the powertrain to maximise uptime.
  • Strong transmission gears and shafts handle the most demanding duty cycle.
  • Electronic-controlled powershift transmission has state-of-the-art, strong clutch packs that provide long life.
  • Hyster® brakes are self-adjusting and self-energizing with a heavy-duty backing plate.
  • Industrial lift truck downtime results from problems with the powertrain, electrical system, cooling system or hydraulic system.
  • When service is needed, easy access to major components can make service more efficient.
Low cost of operation

The Hyster® S2.0-3.5FT series can offer significant annual savings in operating consumable costs, such as fuel efficiency, extended tyre life, reduced brake wear and optimised service time, which can result in the lowest cost per load moved.

  • Auto Deceleration System and controlled power reversal helps extend brake life.
  • Electronic hydraulic control system helps reduce fuel consumption.
  • Heavy duty cooling system with superior airflow reduces heat even in harsh operating environments.
  • CANbus communications, non-mechanical sensors and switches, and sealed connections eliminate electrical problems.
  • Pacesetter VSM reduces service checks and repairs.
  • Service access is provided through a one-piece floor plate.
  • Onboard diagnostics reduce repair time.
  • Coil-over-plug ignition eliminates spark plug wires.
Built for comfort

The truck is designed to help reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity through superior operator comfort, precise, effortless handling, and easy entry and exit.

  • Easy-to-use 3-point entry design of operator compartment uses a molded hand grip and armrest/hip restraint to minimise muscle/joint strain.
  • Increased shoulder clearance
  • Non-cinch seat belt increases comfort by remaining loose during normal driving conditions.
  • This automotive style seat belt features an internal mechanism that locks the seat belt if required.
  • Isolated drivetrain minimises the effect of powertrain vibration and road-borne shocks.
  • Swing-out bracket frees the LPG tank from over the counterweight to simplify changeout.
  • Optional EZXchange bracket minimizes arm and back strain for easier tank changeouts.
Enhanced productivity

Increased productivity can result in significant savings in materials handling costs.

  • Hyster® Variable Power Technology™ provides adjustable performance modes that allow customers to maximize productivity or fuel economy.
  • Choice of 2 high output engines, 2 performance transmissions, 2 hydraulic controls and 3 cooling system options.
  • DuraMatch™ transmissions include Auto Deceleration System, controlled rollback on ramps, and controlled power reversals to move loads more efficiently with less operator fatigue and product damage.
  • Enhanced cooling system with optimized airflow stabilizes operating temperatures, allowing uninterrupted workflow and increasing uptime.
Performance options

Hyster® S2.0-3.5FT Fortens® series trucks are built for superior performance so operators can trust them with heavy loads, long loads and all loads in-between.

  • Hyster Stability System (HSS®) is virtually a 100% maintenance-free design.
  • State-of-the-art engines
  • Electronically controlled transmissions
  • Superior cooling
  • Active system monitoring
  • VISTA™ masts